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Learn with native speakers.

Design your own course.

Learn with friends or privately, 1 on 1 with a native speaker.

Complete beginners to advanced level.

Any age taught, from 10 years old upwards.


Business English.

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Language school


Language school




Learning is friendly and relaxed.

You can learn with friends or alone.

Be part of a group, meet new people and make new friends.

Choose one of our courses or design your own.

We will listen to your needs, and adjust the course to suit your level.

Tense and grammar

At English2teach we cater for all ages and all levels.

From a beginner to advanced.

Reading or writing.

Speaking or listening.

Job interview or visa application.

School or University.





Conversation and listening

Thank you for helping me before I went to work in America. You helped me understand how natives speak and helped me not to feel scared when talking English. I hope to see you when I come home.

P Aom

Students Comments

English can be fun


We are here to help you in anyway possible, learning a second language can be fun. It is our belief in Thailand most schools lack the resources to help students with the all important issues of pronunciation.

Learning can be fun!

Native speakers.